ISO 9001:2008 certification

Gruppo GE.DI has obtained the company quality certification according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008, by the certifying body “MSCert”, for the restoration and maintenance of real estate under protection, renovation of civil buildings, installations of water-sanitary systems, construction of electrical systems.

The certification of the quality management system (regulated by the ISO 9000 series Standards) ensures the ability of our company to structure and manage its own resources and production processes to recognize and satisfy the needs of the customers, as well as the commitment to continuously improve this capacity. View »

SOA – Qualification for the execution of the works

GE.DI. Group has obtained, from the company “ARGENTA S.O.A. S.p.A. “, the Certificate of Qualification for the Execution of Public Works (pursuant to the D.P.R. 207/2010).

The Attestation S.O.A. achieved by the GE.DI Group, thanks to the experience gained and the demonstrated professionalism, is related to design and construction services in 11 categories of works, 2 of which for unlimited amount (category OG1 and OG2), which allow you to perform works contracts for amounts exceeding € 15,000,000. View »

ISO 14001

Certification for the Environmental Management System
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ISO 45001

Certificate for the Safety and Health Management System
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SA 8000

Certificate for the Social Responsibility Management System
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ISO 37001

Certificate for Anti-bribery Management System
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Chamber of Commerce

GE.DI. Group is enrolled to the Registry of Enterprises of the CCIAA of Bari with enrolment number 06605680724 and REA BA-577003.

The capital stock is of 6.000.000,00, entirely deposited.

The administration and control system consists of nr. 1 single director and a single auditor. The technical management is instead currently entrusted with n. 2 components in charge.

GE.DI. Group is authorized, pursuant to the law March 5, 1990 n.46 laying down the rules for the safety of installations, to the installation, transformation, expansion and maintenance of the systems referred to in Article 1 of Law n.46 / 1990 as follows:

letter A) for systems of production, transportation, distribution and use of electric energy within buildings starting from the delivery point of energy supplied by the distributing body.

letter B) for broadcasting and electronic systems, cables and systems of protection from atmospheric discharges.

letter C) for Heating and air conditioning systems, activated by liquid, aeriform and gaseous fluid and of any nature and species.

letter D) for water-health systems as well as those of transportation, treatment, use, cumulation and consumption of water within buildings starting from the delivery point of water supplied by the distributing body .

letter E) for systems for the transportation and the use of gas having a liquid or aeriform state within buildings starting from the delivery point of gaseous fuel supplied by the distributing body.

letter F) for lifting apparatus of people or objects through lifts, hoists, escalators and similar.

letter G) for fire-prevention systems.