Gedi Group: 30 years of experience and expertise.

GE.DI Group delivers engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and project management to governments and private clients in diverse industries around the world.

Clients have selected GE.DI Group as their company of choice to complete challenging projects in remote parts of the world.

Our main activities

Gedi Group is active in public procurement and has developed a specific know-how in design and construction of public and private hospitals, clinics and nursing homes as well as the upgrading and modernization of existing facilities.

The numerous works have allowed to develop a strong experience in designing and manufacturing hospital areas with a high concentration of technology, such as image departments, operating blocks and intensive care units.


GE.DI Group is specialized in restorationand maintenance works of personal property as well as monumental property (churches, sanctuaries, monasteries, historical palaces etc.), that under the protection of regulations regarding cultural and environmental goods

The numerous realized works have concurred to develop deepened experiences in the Architectural restoration, recovery, consolidation and restorationof artistic and monumental historical buildings.


The Plant & Technologies division is specialised in design, implementation, testing and maintenance of fluid and electrical plant, for hospitals, service industry, house building and industrial building.

Gedi Group has an outstanding capacity for making products which are very different from each other, but with a high technology content, ranging from commercial buildings to industrial plants, to the pharmaceutical sector, to hospital buildings, which is still the focus of its activity.


The Tourism division is specialised in the designing, construction and management of tourist villages. Metavillage Ltd., which is managing the designing of a holiday village in Metaponto, and OstuniVillage Ltd., intending to plan the creation of a holiday resort in the famous Apulian town, Ostuni, are part of this business unit.


Within the section “Proposals” real estate you can find information about construction projects that Gedi Group sells directly to end users.

You will also find useful information on activities related to the purchase of your new home: mortgage, deed and other paperwork.


GeDi Group is a global leader in developing, managing, and constructing industrial and commercial infrastructure. From office buildings to theme parks and resorts, GeDi Group builds the infrastructure necessary to improve quality of life and sustain economic growth. The company has developed some of the best processes and technologies in the industry, saving customers millions of dollars and assuring quality results while meeting tight schedules on the most challenging projects.

In addition, GeDi Group is experienced in helping to form public-private partnerships that bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects.


As one of the nation’s top 100 education builders, we have more than 20 years of experience working on over70 higher education projects nationwide. State-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, residential communities, parking structures, athletic complexes, performing arts centers, historic renovations, green buildings, and more.

We understand what it takes to build safely on a busy campus to meet your seasonal schedules. And we accomplish our work within budget and with minimum disruption to your community.


The religious building remains one of the fields of tip with an elevated quality of realization, recognized from more parts.

Gedi Group has developed a specific know-how in designing and construction of churches, seminaries and monasteries as well as in upgrading and modernization of existing facilities.

History & company profile

The surveyor Graziantonio Pallotta, shareholder and director of Group Gedi companies has been successfully operating in the construction market since 1990

Thanks to his entrepreneurial dynamism and his skilled collaborators, surveyor Pallotta acquired an experience which has been recognised at a national level in the health and hospital building field, public as well as private, but also in the property sector and in the architectural restoration, in the recovery, consolidation and renewal of artistic and monumental historical buildings.


The GE.DI. Group mission consists of dynamic management, constant research of possible improvement, technological innovation, all aiming at meeting the Customer’s needs.

Competence, fairness, professionalism, reliability, application of strict standards quality, full compliance with environmental standards and sharing of know-how have always been our principles and inspiring us allowed to become a leading reference for the construction industry

Global expertise and specific experience

The company structure is capable, as a whole, of undertaking all the technical, engineering/design, administrative and bureaucratic activities involved in the execution of a project, from planning up to completion with its own building sites and using its own specialised personnel.

The multidisciplinary capabilities developed by the company enable it to manage every stage of the project: from the feasibility to preliminary and detailed design, to supplying of all the materials, to the construction of the civil works, to the supply of technological installations (mechanical, electrical and special installations) of the building.

The company has an internal structure of high-level technical professionals: engineers, surveyors, CAD drafters to which are added partnerships with many major professional firms specializing in various construction sectors: Geotechnical, static, ecological design, remediation of contaminants, environmental impact assessment.
The operational structure is made up by homogenous teams of highly skilled workmen in both specific sectors and production, directed by specialised technicians.

These competences render it particularly competitive in the execution of turnkey plan.

A group of companies in synergy

GE.DI Group Ltd. is an enterprise and at the same time a pool of enterprises: companies which have decided to offer the market their own experience working in synergy. The synchronization of these companies is entrusted to surveyor Graziantonio Pallotta who has a twenty-year experience in the building field. The GE.DI. Group mission consists of dynamic management, constant research of possible improvement, technological innovation, all aiming at meeting the Customer’s needs.

The Group, intended as a company synergy with its own financial and managerial autonomy, can rely on its current seven divisions, divided according to the business they pursue:

  • Health/hospital building works (Gedi Group SpA)

  • Costruzioni & Renovations (Gedi Group SpA)

  • Restoration (Gedi Group SpA)

  • Systems and Technologies (Gedi Group SpA)

  • Energy (Gedi Group SpA)

  • Real Estate (Real Estate Edificare Srl e Gedi Costruire SpA)

  • Tourism (Meta Village Srl e Ostuni Village Srl)

A Group made up of high profile people and managers who have been able to guide the company along a path of constant growth and development.

A Group that operates throughout the national territory, but also abroad: Eastern Europe, South America, the United States, Africa and the Middle East.