The Tourism division is specialised in the designing, construction and management of tourist villages. Metavillage Ltd., which is managing the designing of a holiday village in Metaponto, and OstuniVillage Ltd., intending to plan the creation of a holiday resort in the famous Apulian town, Ostuni, are part of this business unit.

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Meta Village - Metaponto

An oasis of wellbeing and enjoyment of nature and the sea

Located on the Ionian coast, the village is surrounded by olive trees and rich vegetation.

Facilities: restaurants, bars, boutiques, swimming pool and beauty center.
The residential complex “MetaVillage offers a customized home that embraces and meets all the requirements.

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In one of the most beautiful and characteristic Apulian coast near Ostuni, your exclusive home to the sea: stylish and functional to guarantee the highest level of service and comfort.

Ostuni Village is waiting to welcome, surprise and satisfy your every desire.

Come and discover your next beach house.
Fitness, beauty and relaxation for you

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Ostuni Village - Ostuni