GE.DI. Group S.p.A. uses traditional building methods and new construction systems such as the dry building system and the EPS (expanded polystyrene) building system.


The dry building system allows to build and to renovate any building in observance of the quality with regard to safety, aesthetics, fire-proofing and impact resistance of quake, in public, industrial, housing and commercial buildings.

The structure consists of galvanised steel sections with different shapes and thicknesses, closed at the sides by slabs able to contain different types of thermal and acoustic insulators. The system is compatible with any traditional structural system in reinforced concrete and steel

Main features of the dry building system:

    The porous structure of the slabs makes them suitable for absorbing any excess ambient moisture (up to 30% of their weight) and releasing some when the air is too dry: breathing effect

    The high density (1400 kg / m³) and elasticity of the slabs effectively counter noise propagation. Additionally, the insulating materials interposed in the profile air spaces help abate noise and vibration.

    The outside wall and roof slab heat insulation enables up to 60% energy saving compared to equivalent traditional products compliant with the standards currently in force.

    The system offers dry construction systems able to combine considerable strength and exceptionally low weight. This helps dramatically reduce structural loads with respect to traditional building techniques.

    All materials used are environment-friendly and bio-compatible. They will not release any toxic agents and are not irritant nor allergenic

    The construction materials used are easy to dispose of and recycle, and therefore help reduce pollution and save energy

    The dry construction systems are characterised by elasticity, strength and low weight. These properties make them resistant to seismic stresses which only produce very little straining.


The EPS system panel (expanded polystyrene panels) is an anti-seismic and insulating building system to construct all kinds of buildings. Based on an integrated system of modular panels made of polystyrene and electro welded steel completed during the construction with the application of concrete, the system combines the concrete’s resistance to the excellent insulating properties of polystyrene. This system represents today the most advanced and beneficial reply in terms of time and the global economic balance, with savings up to 30% on building costs.

The advantages of this building technology resulting from peculiar properties of the panels and the construction process, that allow to have buildings with high quality, simplifying the logistics of construction and speeding implementation.

In fact, compared to a traditional brick wall, with this technology we obtain the structural most durable and reliable elements even towards strong seismic action, and high thermal insulation and economically competitive

The particular characteristics of the EPS system Panel:

    A wall of finite thickness 25cm, for example, meets already now the requirements for 2010 of the legislative decree n° 311/06 for any Italian climate zone. This thanks to the low transmittance of the polystyrene plates that eliminate any thermal bridge. With a product range that is evolving from walls to floors, the EPS Panel construction technology reduces power consumption up to 50% compared with traditional buildings, eliminating thermal bridges and avoiding the superficial and interstitial condensation.

    Walls made with the EPS panels are mainly reinforced concrete walls embedding layers of insulating material. From this constitutive peculiarity follows the high reliability of the product and the ability to use it with bearing function also in seismic region of first class without the need for further structural elements.

    The EPS Panel construction technology, for its peculiarity to obtain, depending on the panel used, load-bearing walls of reinforced concrete or lightly-armoured, with high peculiarities of resistance and ductility, moderate weight and reduced deformability, is ideal for buildings in seismic region, responding perfectly to the requirements of the new regulations (order no. 3274, 20/03/2003, Eurocodes and NTC 08). The high level of versatility of the technology, making it suitable to make multilevel buildings with any intended use and type.

    The simplicity of construction of the system, together with the extreme lightness and versatility of the panels produces a series of savings made that allow reducing up to 30% the cost of construction. The high “technological concentration” of the walls obtained by panels allows obtaining bearing walls with reduced thickness, to advantage of internal useful surfaces, in full respect with all applicable regulations. The cost of construction of a wall built with EPS Panel technology is always lower than that of a wall with the same features made with traditional methods.