The GE.DI. Group S.p.A. mission consists of dynamic management, constant research of possible improvement, technological innovation, all aiming at meeting the Customer’s needs.

Competence, fairness, professionalism, reliability, application of strict standards quality, full compliance with environmental standards and sharing of know-how have always been our principles and inspiring us allowed to become a leading reference for the construction industry.

GE.DI. Group S.p.A.: an eco-sustainable company

Environmental responsibility: an increasingly important factor, from the procurement phase of materials to that of distribution and installation.

The creation of a supply chain “ecological” is a challenge for GE.DI. Group S.p.A.

One of the first companies to adopt clean energy through photovoltaic systems, the operating office is completely self-sufficient, in this way CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum.

To produce an electric kilowatt-hour the equivalent of 2.56 kWh is burnt on average in the form of fossil fuels and as a consequence approximately 0.53 kg of carbon dioxide is emitted in the air. It can therefore be said that every kWh produced by the photovoltaic system avoids the emission of 0.53 kg of carbon dioxide

Below you will find a list of major realizations in the field of healthcare, residential, and monumental / architectural restoration.