GE.DI. Group S.p.A.

GE.DI. Group S.p.A. is an enterprise and at the same time a pool of enterprises: companies which have decided to offer the market their own experience working in synergy. The GE.DI. Group S.p.A. mission consists of dynamic management, constant research of possible improvement, technological innovation, all aiming at meeting the Customer’s needs.

The Group, intended as a company synergy with its own financial and managerial autonomy, can rely on its current seven divisions, divided according to the business they pursue:

  • Constructions & Renovations

  • Restoration

  • Property

  • Tourism

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Plants & Technologies

  • Energy

The Group is formed of high-profile managers and individuals who have helped guide the company along a path of constant growth and development.

A group that operates throughout the country but also abroad: Eastern Europe, South America, United States, Africa and Middle East