The Municipality of Milan in collaboration with GE.DI. Group S.p.A. SpA presents its new flagship for culture and the academic world, the Nuova B.E.I.C. – European Library of Information and Culture.
The intervention was included in the list of interventions envisaged by the “Strategic investment plan on cultural heritage sites, buildings and natural areas” as part of the National Plan for investments complementary to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (P.N.R.R.), approved by Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8 October 2021.

The work will be built in an area located in the eastern part of the city, between Via Cervignano, Via Monte Ortigara and Viale Molise, once occupied by the Porta Vittoria railway station, more precisely in District 4.
The area identified for the location of the library is central to the main Milanese universities and is well connected to the regional underground and railway lines: it is in fact located near the Porta Vittoria stop of the Passante Ferroviario (the main eastern station of the metropolitan and regional) and the Dateo stop of both the Passante and the new M4 underground line, which will connect the city center with Linate Airport in just a few minutes.

The design solution contained in the documentation attached to the Final Project was developed on the basis of the Technical and Economic Feasibility Project approved with resolution no. 1647/2022 of 10/11/2022 with object EUROPEAN LIBRARY OF INFORMATION AND CULTURE (BEIC) CUP: F41B21005960005 Mission 1 Digitalisation, Innovation, Competitiveness and Culture, Component 3 Culture 4.0 (DL 59/2021 – L 101/2021) Complementary Fund to the PNRR – Strategic Investment Plan on Natural Heritage Sites, Buildings and Natural Areas.

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