The religious building remains one of the fields of tip with an elevated quality of realization, recognized from more parts.

GE.DI. Group S.p.A. has developed a specific know-how in designing and construction of churches, seminaries and monasteries as well as in upgrading and modernization of existing facilities.

It is specialized in restorationand maintenance works of personal property as well as monumental property (churches, sanctuaries, monasteries, historical palaces etc.), that under the protection of regulations regarding cultural and environmental goods.

The numerous realized works have concurred to develop deepened experiences in the Architectural restoration, recovery, consolidation and restorationof artistic and monumental historical buildings. .

Gedi group in order to satisfy in optimal way the requirements of the customers can today count on remarkable organizational and managerial skills, on a high professional level of its staff, and on an elevated number of ways and equipments of vanguard that make possible to carry to term numerous store clerks at the same time.

The multidisciplinary capabilities developed by the company enable it to manage every stage of the project: from the feasibility to preliminary and detailed design, to supplying of all the materials, to the construction of the civil works, to the supply of technological installations (mechanical, electrical and special installations) of the building.

Below is a list of major realizations