GE.DI. Group S.p.A. delivers engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and project management to governments and private clients in diverse industries around the world.

It is specialized in restorationand maintenance works of personal property as well as monumental property (churches, sanctuaries, monasteries, historical palaces etc.), that under the protection of regulations regarding cultural and environmental goods

The numerous realized works have concurred to develop deepened experiences in the Architectural restoration, recovery, consolidation and restorationof artistic and monumental historical buildings. .

Gedi group in order to satisfy in optimal way the requirements of the customers can today count on remarkable organizational and managerial skills, on a high professional level of its staff, and on an elevated number of ways and equipments of vanguard that make possible to carry to term numerous store clerks at the same time.

Multidisciplinary capabilities developed by the company enable it to manage all phases to the realization of a plan: from feasibility to preliminary design, definitive and executive, to supplying of all the materials, to the construction of the civil works, to the planning and equipment of the technological members of the building components of the building (mechanical, electrical and specialty).

Architectural renovation

The deterioration of the supporting structures of existing buildings, as well as of other building components, is one of the most recurrent phenomena whose causes are multiple: age, neglect and inappropriate use.

The specific technical professionalism gained by our workers and the high knowledge of the construction and structural system, as well as the multidisciplinary approach of our technicians, allows us to carry out conservation interventions of the architectural asset with its pertinences, in its own environmental context, respecting the mandatory regulations. on the subject and, at the same time, the quality of the works performed.

GE.DI. Group S.p.A. is also registered in the main Regional Directorates for Cultural and Landscape Heritage, for which it has carried out various restoration and restructuring works of real estate of historical and artistic interest (churches, convents, castles, etc.).


After the coming into force of the new Italian legislation in matter of the public works, GE.DI. Group S.p.A. has obtained the certificate of qualification SOA that enable it to assume and to execute various categories of general works for limitless amounts and also concur it an optimal operating level

SOA Certificate: document, issued by the Certificate Organism Companies, demonstrating to possess the requirements stated by the D.P.R. 34/2000. Today it is a necessary document in order to attest the enterprise capacity to sustain any public contract work whose tender starting price is superior to 150.000,00 euro (whether it is contract or subcontract work)

Below is a list of major realizations of monumental and architectural restoration.