Gedi Group: Rotating Tower – Dynamic Architecture by David Fisher

GE.DI. Group (GEstione DInamica stand for Dynamich Management) in 2008, decided to embark on a new era of architecture: the Dynamic Architecture, a project of the architect David Fisher for rotating towers, continually evolving: dynamic, ecological, made with industrial systems.

The Dynamic Architecture

The rotating skyscrapers, called “Dynamic buildings” will mark the beginning of a new era in the architecture, a challenge to the traditional architecture. The Dynamic Buildings will define the start of a new conception in architecture: a concept of Buildings in motion, in contradiction with the same idea of real estate, that it is at heart of every construction

Apart from the semantic issue, this new conception of architecture will not only change the aspect of cities, but also the idea of modernity, beyond the relationship between buildings and who lives in, and between buildings and the atmosphere that accommodates them. Maintaining an only architectonic structure, always in evolution, the skyscraper offers infinite solutions: in fact every floor rotates apart from the other, creating a building with infinite and always various shapes.

The possibility to orient the own space according to the moments of the day, in relation to the seasons, or simply to own pleasure, it marks the true planning innovation, that with a changing and always new aesthetic, defines its oneness. In short, to the three traditional dimensions, it adds a Fourth: the time.

The revolution of Fisher put an end to the era of the static and immutable Architecture and it inaugurates a new one, at the sign of the dynamism and the lifestyle. These buildings will become the symbol of a new philosophy that will change the image of our cities and the concept of living.

The life today is dynamic, also the space in which we live should be dynamic, adaptable to our requirements that change continuously, to our concept of design and to our humor. The speed, the direction of the spin, the acceleration and the timing of the movement of the single floors, will determine the aspect of the building.

The plan of the Rotating Tower faces with success a constant challenge of the contemporaneity: the relationship between modernity and environment, development and bearableness.

The philosophy of the space evolves with proceeding of the time. Dr. Fisher describes its Rotating Tower as “planned from the Life, forged from the time”.