Performing company:
Gruppo Gedi S.r.l. di Altamura (Ba)
Costruzioni Pallotta S.r.l. di Altamura (Ba)

Chief contractor: Geom. Angelo Corrado

Time of execution: 7 months
Human resources: up to over 200 units at the same time..
Technicians employed: 2 engineers, 3 surveyors, 1 industrial expert, 1 site manager, 5 foremen.

Building works and plants for the complete renovation of the entire building. Underground extension and New Stairs and Lifts block.

1.New Operating Section;
2. New Childbirth Block;
3. New Obstetrics Department;
4. New Orthopedics department;
5. New Image Diagnostics department: Tac, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography, Opt, Moc, RX
6. New Department of Nuclear Medicine;
7. Analysis Laboratory;
8.New Acceptances, Medical Studies, Outpatients, Offices.

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