Client: Kronosan s.r.l.

Description of the work: building and plant engineering works for expansion, elevation, renovation and change of intended use of the property (former rest home).
The building was previously used as a retirement home for the elderly, the project carried out has radically transformed the structure: a completely steel elevation was created on the second floor, starting from the foundations and external pillars which were not part of the old structure. The second floor has been used as an operating area (4 Operating Theaters and Intensive Care Units); the technical area used for the systems is positioned on the roof of the new compartment; the ground and first floors were used as hospitalizations, admissions and clinics; the basement has been considerably expanded, used for diagnostics at the forefront of technology (tac, magnetic resonance, x-ray, electrophysiology, hemodynamics), pharmacy, deposits and warehouses, conference room, transformer cabin, technological centers and garages; the external areas pertaining to the structure are characterized by hanging gardens and flower beds, sidewalks and walkways, relaxation areas, parking for staff, medical gas plant, electricity delivery cabin.

Description of the order:
Overall volume 18,000 cubic meters
Served covered area 8,500 m2

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